Monday, October 29, 2018

Lucidium Dog Pen from Clearly Loved Pets

Lucidium Dog Pen from Clearly Loved Pets

As dog owners, we all know the invaluable functional role a dog pen or crate can play in our homes. Too bad they’re not the most aesthetically pleasing things. With their clear-walled Lucidium dog pens, however, Clearly Loved Pets seems interested in turning around the reputation of dog kennels. And, as is so often the case with thoughtful, intentional design, form and function go hand in hand in the Lucidium: the clear acrylic walls and low-profile aluminum frame offer a “cage-free” look that decreases visual clutter, and with 360-degree views and a showpiece enclosure, contained dogs can share family spaces where a visually unappealing traditional crate may not be welcome. Three size options and four color options are available. See specs and check out more pics at Clearly Loved Pets.

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