Friday, May 25, 2018

Dog Portraits and Illustration by Lisa Cinar

Dog Portraits and Illustration by Lisa Cinar

I found Lisa Cinar‘s illustration and portrait work a few days ago via Instagram, and I’m now mildly obsessed. She’s clearly a dog lover and an overall cool person — right down to having free downloadable coloring sheets on her website! Dogs feature prominently in her work, which ranges from minimalist line drawings to gorgeous watercolor portraits. Meanwhile, Lisa (who resides in Vancouver, BC) is a successful children’s book author and illustrator. (She’s written and illustrated two books of her own, and illustrated others as well, including the Clara Humble series.) Her dog illustrations and portraits capture, for me, that mix of playful and soulful that so aptly characterizes so many of the dogs we know. You can check out more of Lisa’s work here, and her shop here.

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