Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Three-peat: Drogo’s 3rd Birthday Wish List (Again)

Three-peat: Drogo’s 3rd Birthday Wish List (Again)

Today marks Drogo’s second anniversary as part of our funny little pack. At the time we adopted him, we were told he was anywhere from 8 months old to three years. We assumed he was on the older end of that scale then, but now we’re pretty sure he was quite young. So we’re calling it: today is his third birthday (again)!

To celebrate, our little garden explorer has put together a birthday wish list with items that remind him (and us) of all his favorite outdoor things: strawberries, bugs, and squirrels — oh my!

Three-peat: Drogo's 3rd Birthday Wish List (Again)

1. Squirrel Plush Toy 2. Bright Flowers Cushion 3. Buzz Bow Tie 4. Orbee-Tuff Strawberry 5. Bugging Out Toy Collection 6. Daisies Bandana Collar

Happy Birthday/Gotcha Day, little buddy!

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