Thursday, August 3, 2017

Dandy Dozen: Mingus’ 12th Birthday Wish List

Dandy Dozen: Mingus’ 12th Birthday Wish List

It’s a week full of celebration here at Dog Milk: Drogo celebrated his 3rd birthday (again) over at Dog Milk HQ, and here at Dog Milk East, we’re toasting Mingus for 12 big years on earth and in our family. Our little old man was pronounced to be looking “good for his age” at his vet checkup last week, which we thought was a pretty subdued way of describing the handsomest dog in all the land. But hey, we’ll take it. Ming’s all about enjoying the finer things in life these days: sleeping in the grass while the breeze gently blows, nibbling a piece of steak from time to time, and tearing up something valuable here and there, just for fun. Check out what’s on his birthday/adoption day wish list below!

1. Link interactive toy 2. Poo Pouch 3. Rocketman dog bed cover 4. Shelter cloth dog coat 5. Tucson pet bandana 6. Buffalo and cactus rope toys 7. Nylon leash

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