Thursday, August 10, 2017

Bark Treats and Toys Collection for Target

Bark Treats and Toys Collection for Target

Whether or not you’re a subscriber, you’re likely familiar with BARK, the company behind BarkBox, monthly bringers of cheer (i.e., treats, chews, and toys) to lucky dogs everywhere. (Dog Milk’s own Space Pig, Smash, is a big fan.) Now, thanks to Target (**angels singing**) non-subscribers can get in on the fun, too: this Sunday, BARK is releasing a collection of treats and toys in Target stores and at – toys and treats (mostly BARK originals) that have received consistently rave reviews from recipients (both canine and human) from the over 10 million BarkBoxes that have been shipped to date.

The four BARK lines at Target (to be accompanied with limited-edition seasonal collections throughout the year) include toys specially designed for destructo-dogs (The Destroyers Club), toys that consistently bring smiles and tail wags (BARK’s Best Toys Ever), and yummy treats that are made in the USA and free of common allergens like corn and soy (Best Treats Ever and New York City Treats). You can check out the full collection of dog-tested, dog-approved goodies over at Target.

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