Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Eight is Great: Smash’s Birthday Wish List

Eight is Great: Smash’s Birthday Wish List

It’s hard to believe our little Space Pig is 8 (or at least somewhere around there). Smash continues to be a chill dude with one thing on his mind and one thing only: FOOD. I’m pretty sure that’s all he thinks about, when he’s not distracted by a squirrel or the mailman. So, this year his wish list focuses entirely on his love of edible goodies! See what’s on his list below.

Eight is Great: Smash's Birthday Wish List

1. American Classic Plush Toys 2. Pebble Dash Dog Bandana 3. Breakfast All Day Treats 4. Taco Tuesday Tee 5. Pet Thoughts Tag 6. Sugar Rush Dog Bed 7. Donuts Collar 8. Ceramic Treat Jar

Happy Birthday, Smash!

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