Thursday, December 8, 2016

Yogapet Dog Mattress

Yogapet Dog Mattress

I’m coming to accept the fact that my dogs, 9 and 11, are getting up there in years (although seeing the “senior” label on their vet records always kills me), and I know they’re going to need special care as they age. (No, Mingus, steak dinners do not count as “special care.”) So I was stoked to find out that mattress gurus Yogabed also make a dog mattress. Constructed with 3 inches of pressure-relieving memory foam for durable support, the Yogapet dog mattress looks like quite the cozy spot to catch some Zs (and maybe even some inner peace).



Here are the details dogs don’t care so much about, but you do: the Yogapet mattress features a non-skid backing (so it’s not slippin’ and slidin’ away) as well as a zip-off, machine-washable cover — and there are three “crate-friendly” sizes to choose from. Check out specs over at Yogapet.


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