Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Meet Norm the Pomsky! He’s a Rising Star on Facebook and Instagram

“A Pomeranian and a Husky walked into a bar…” So goes the origin story of Norm, a Pomsky pup who announced himself as an upcoming canine celebrity on the social media scene earlier this year. With Norm’s star continuing to rise, let’s honor him with a formal introduction.

Get to Know Norm


Norm! (Photo via normanthepomsky Instagram)

Norm is a 5-month-old pup who was born of Husky and Pomeranian parentage. Since posting his pictures online, this confident pooch has clocked up over 40,000 followers and even been invited to appear at the Teen Choice Awards.

Out and about


Sand between his toes (Photo via normanthepomsky Instagram)

Norm lives in Los Angeles. When hanging out with his humans, our furry friend enjoys shopping for chew toys and treats, going for swimming sessions, taking naps during car rides, and the very distinguished snack tactic of licking peanut butter from a spoon.

What’s in a name?


Nice hat! (Photo via normanthepomsky Instagram)

Alas, Norm wasn’t actually named after legendary sitcom barfly Norm Peterson from Cheers, but in honor of one of his human’s grandfathers. He’s also picked up a slew of nicknames that include Normy, Normando, Stormin’ Norman, and Garbanzo Bean. Don’t overthink that last one.

Please tell me it’s not Monday, right?


Big yawn, small pup. (Photo via normanthepomsky Instagram)

Let the record show that Norm is definitely not a fan of Mondays. Not at all. In any way, shape of form. No sir. As he quipped to this photo, “What do you mean tomorrow’s Monday? Nooo!”

Norm’s a Snow Patrol fan


Nice shirt! (Photo via normanthepomsky Instagram)

Sifting through the captions to Norm’s Instagram photos, it transpires that he’s a fan of the Scottish rockers Snow Patrol’s music. While sporting his best plaid shirt, Norm was overheard to bark through the lyrics to the band’s “Chasing Cars” hit: “If I lay here, if I just lay here/ Would you lie with me and just forget the world?” That’s deep, Norm, awfully deep.

Norm’s academic side


So smart. (Photo via normanthepomsky Instagram)

Despite wooing fans with his cute face, Norm recently decided to try and make himself appear a little more serious and studious by donning a pair of oversized blue-rimmed glasses. Unfortunately, our academic-looking pal got a little self-conscious about his new image. As he told his fans, “Be honest, do these glasses make my head look small?”

Walking the exclusive pink carpet


Over here, Norm! (Photo via normanthepomsky Instagram)

As mentioned at the top, Norm was recently invited to appear as part of the Teen Choice Awards festivities. “My first red — well, pink — carpet event!” he was heard to joke.

A lowdown pup


Yum. (Photo via normanthepomsky Instagram)

Norm is a committed rugrat. If an item happens to find its way to the floor, he’s duty bound to play with it. As he explained of this little incident with some of his human’s shoes, “Anything on the floor is fair game, right mom?”

Follow along with Norm’s adventures over at his Instagram and Facebook pages.

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