Thursday, May 26, 2016

Modern Dog Loungers and Beds from Peach Pet Provisions

Modern Dog Loungers and Beds from Peach Pet Provisions

Oh, how do I love the hammock pet loungers from Peach Pet Provisions? Let me count the ways. They’re made in the USA from sustainably sourced, VOC-free maple plywood. They feature machine-washable, interchangeable cotton covers. They’re easily assembled, and, dear reader, they’re oh-so-mod. Designed for cats and small dogs (less than 30 pounds), these gorgeous loungers even boast a money-back satisfaction guarantee.





And for the bigger pups (or really big cats), Peach also offers good ol’ fashioned pillow-style beds in their super-cool modern fabric designs. Check out all the goodness (including bandanas!) at Peach Pet Provisions.



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