Friday, April 8, 2016

The ASPCA Launches Its 150 Days of Rescue Campaign With Gorgeous Photos of Celebs and Their Pets

The ASPCA is celebrating its 150th anniversary with a fresh campaign called 150 Days of Rescue. The initiative encourages pet-loving humans to spend at least 15 minutes on animal rescue and welfare issues between April 10 and Sept. 7. Celebrities such as Jason Schwartzman, Edie Falco, and Kesha are taking part in the campaign by posing for slick pics with their own pooches and kitties. Enjoy the photos and learn more about how you can get involved.

150 Days of Rescue


Edie Falco poses with her dogs: Sami, a former puppy mill breeder, and Nico. (Photo by Dewey Nicks for the ASPCA)

To mark the ASPCA’s milestone year, the 150 Days of Rescue initiative will be a “nationwide action campaign” that’s designed to “unite the country in making a difference in the lives of homeless and abused animals.” Your first step to getting involved is to hit up the special website.

Spend just 15 minutes


Jason Schwartzman with his Frenchie, Arrow. (Photo by Dewey Nicks for the ASPCA)

The aim of 150 Days of Rescue is to persuade individuals to pledge 15 minutes of their time, with the grand goal being to log 150,000 individual actions for animals over the 150 days. That’s a significant amount of time.

What you can do


Julie Bowen with Mochi and her sons. (Photo by Dewey Nicks for the ASPCA)

The 150 Days of Rescue website includes boxes to check for activities, such as speaking to your friends about animal welfare issues, volunteering at your local shelter, fostering or adopting a new pet, making a donation to an animal-friendly organization, and contacting a local government representative about an animal rights issue.

There’s also an “Other actions I took” box that you can fill in, so get creative with it!

Share your own dog pics


Krysten Ritter and rescue dog, Mikey. (Photo by Dewey Nicks for the ASPCA)

Yes, you can get involved by sharing your best pet pics, too, with the website running a weekly photo contest for rescues. You’ll also need to tell the world your favorite thing about your dog to snag a prize from sponsors like Vans and Animal Planet.

Start your own fundraiser!


Jennifer Coolidge, our favorite dog mom, with Monkey and Dilly. (Photo by Dewey Nicks for the ASPCA)

One of the ways the 150 Days of Rescue website suggests people get involved is by starting their own fundraising effort. Any individual who raises more than $150 this way will receive a limited-edition Pride Pack, which includes items such as slap bracelets, luggage tags, and zipper pouches. (Check out this page for help in setting up your fundraiser.)

Don’t forget to show your shelter some love!

Curtis 50 Cent Jackson_Dewey Nicks

50 Cent and his Pittie friend. (Photo by Dewey Nicks for the ASPCA)

Best of all, the 150 Days of Rescue campaign will finish by donating a whopping $150,000 to one lucky animal shelter. So make sure to pop over to the official website and nominate your favorite local rescue center!

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