Thursday, March 17, 2016

New Ceramic Dog Bowls from Waggo

New Ceramic Dog Bowls from Waggo

So here’s what’s been up at our house for the past couple of weeks: Mingus decided, for whatever reason, that he didn’t like drinking out of the water bowl when it’s placed by the fridge as it has been for, oh, the five and a half years we’ve lived in this house. So I moved it into the laundry room. The problem? Dottie keeps looking for the bowl in its old spot by the fridge and, bless her little heart, doesn’t always remember that it’s moved. So I’m in the market for second water bowl. I’m digging these new ceramic bowls from Waggo in red, white, and grey with nifty handles. They’re embossed with “dog” on the side – plain language that even Dottie can understand. Check them out at Waggo.




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