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Top Ten Cutest Videos Of 2015!

shutterstock_137042249We proudly present the Cute Overload Top Ten Cutest Videos of 2015. Continued thanks for your many video suggestions and send-ins throughout the year. (Have a YouTube video link you’d like to send in? Here’s all ya need to do!) Tomorrow at 6am PT: Top 10 Cutest Photos of 2015!

#10 Cutest Video of 2015:
The Zen Of The Capybara III

There’s no sound to this one, but that hardly matters. “My face hurts from watching this,” writes Karen F.

#9 Cutest Video of 2015:
Super Ultimate ResQte Of The Week Of All Time

***First of all, a note. This video is a bit scary at the beginning. Basically, a motorcylist comes to an Oklahoma stoplight (she has a cam on her helmet) and spots a kitteh IN THE INTERSECTION AND CARS ARE ZOOMING BY! And she swoops in to rescue him!

OK. There it is. Now……here’s the video.

The story gets better- here is the kitteh at home- now named “Skids,” for “Skidmark.”

Here are some additional deets, from the source video:

– Named him Skidmark.
– Keeping him for now.
– Have tried to contact person in red car, but she was unavailable. Either to find out if Skids is hers, or to make sure she knows strays are chilling in her undercarriage. She has my number, and a summary of the incident, have yet to hear from her.

(Story spotted on Mashable, Paul P. sent us the video link.)

#8 Cutest Video of 2015:
Speakers UP For This!

First of all, you get a GREAT British accent narration. But most of all….well, just wait for them. The squeaks. #UNREAL.

From Paul P.

#7 Cutest Video of 2015:
Dude! SERIOUSLY?????

Worst friend ever. But the look on the left is priceless.


#6 Cutest Video of 2015:
I. Want. My. BED.

[Whatta I hafta DO to get this CAT outta MY bed? Call a tow truck?]

#5 Cutest Video of 2015:
“Hey Honey? Did You Look In The Front Yard?”

Yeah…looks like a Moose Mom and her two kids are playing in the sprinkler again. Why?”

#4 Cutest Video of 2015:
Rufus The Trick Or Treating Raccoon

Rufus has NOT met a treat he did not like. This video is c/o Matt C., the man genius behind Jurabbit Park. He explains:

“My family puts food out for a stray cat in the neighborhood. One night, that caught the attention of a curious snack bandit, who came up and poked around. I decided to try and make friends. It took three weeks for Rufus to trust me enough to eat from my hand. As I posted these videos throughout the summer, I couldn’t go a day without someone asking when he was going to rip my face off. ‘He’s not going to know how to forage like a wild animal.’ ‘You’re gonna give him diabetes.’ Everyone had an opinion. [*Note: Really. -Ed.]

But, it’s possible to maintain respect for a living creature while building an unconventional bond based on the occasional helping of sweets. And that’s what I did with Rufus. By the end of the video, you’ll see that, not only is Rufus healthy and prepped for winter, he’s still a wild raccoon. He just happens to know a human with a solid treat hookup. He’s a wonderful creature, and a friend I’m lucky to have made.”

#3 Cutest Video of 2015:
Finally- Video Proof That They Just Don’t Care

Cats have a (totally legitimate) reputation for doing whatever they want, whenever they feel like it. If you think that might just be a line from some crazy cat person, you might want to watch this video.


#2 Cutest Video of 2015:
Baby, It’s Just You I’m Thinkin’ Of

[I’ll be here all week. Two shows a night and three on Saturday. Remember to tip your waitresses. Thankyouthankyouthankyouvurrymuch.]


#1 Cutest Video of 2015:

This is WEAPONS GRADE CUTE on a beeline from The Big J. Don’t say we didn’t warn you.



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