Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Dog-I-Y: DIY Puppy Pullover Sweater

Dog-I-Y: DIY Puppy Pullover Sweater

I’ve resolved in 2016 to “make more” – to do more creative stuff and make more things by hand. (Full disclosure: I’ve made this same resolution the past four years or so with little result. But intention counts for something, right?) If you’ve made a similar resolution, here’s a start – this fun and easy dog sweater pattern that’s free from Ravelry and Kitterly. The downloadable PDF pattern includes versions for both “average” dogs as well as long-bodied pooches such as dachshunds. Grab the pattern for free at Ravelry, or purchase a full kit (which includes yarn and needles) at Kitterly.

Dog-I-Y-dog-pullover-sweater-3 Dog-I-Y-dog-pullover-sweater-2

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