Wednesday, December 16, 2015

2015 C.O. Comments Of The Year

11169630_10152813695736485_2273108381548444233_oWe’ve been hoarding our favorite comments for twelve months, and now it’s time to roll ’em out. We thank EVERYONE who has visited C.O. in 2015, sent in pix ‘n’ links, and commented on posts. As we did last year, we’d like to share with you some of this year’s top observations.

And away we go…

“Woo Hoo…C.O. doing it’s part to make a better world/life for animals of all kinds. BRAVO!” -Jnyjny on The Koalas Need YOUR Help! (January 9.)


“I can’t say I’ve ever wanted to schnuggle a cow before. Now I do.” -Wendy on Bliss. (March 25.)

“OH MY GOODNESS. It’s like a designer rat. LOVE.” -Gayle on Need…More…Quolls. (April 17.)


“Weapons of grass destruction!” -Maya and “We’re going to need a bigger goat.” -260Oakley on Amazon has Done It Again. (April 27.)


“Is he full grown? Because if so, I’ll need one of those immediately. If not…I’ll need one of those, immediately.” -Annette on It’s Not Personal, Sonny- It’s Strictly Business. (April 30.)


“There are few things better in this world than a badass kitten.” -Hideous Lump on OK, We Adopted A Kitteh- NOW What? (April 30.)

“Just an off-duty EMT: Eucalyptus-Munching Tourist.” -260Oakley on So, This Koala Walks Into The Hospital… (May 4.)

“They’re like fuzzy little bumper cars!” -Sarareina84 on Who Wants Some Belleh Rubs, Eh? (May 13.)

“I wanna get a band together just so I can call it White Wombat.” -Margaux Wilder on White Wombat Wednesday (May 20.)


“And later that year, Skynet became self-aware. Note to self: Start stockpiling acetone..” -Mamabear on Welcome To Our New Origami Overlords (June 1.)

“Join us next week for our next episode – ‘Owners wearing bandages'” -Scoobiesnacks on 着物を着て猫 (Cats Wearing Kimonos) (June 30.)


“Mind. Blown. To pieces, then melted, and blown again. I can’t even fully comprehend the situation in my brain looking at these photos. :D” -Coel, and “Not enough Finch Valium in the world to get my birds to do that. Awesome.” -Rose on Full House (July 7.)



“You forget this is the Big J. They’ve genetically engineered their wedding Alpacas to poop rainbows and Skittles.” -Gizmo on I Do. And So Does The Alpaca. (July 14.)


“Spared no expense!” -Hera on Hold On To Your Butts Buns! (August 17.)




“He’s gonna make you a slobber you can’t refuse.” -Blair on C.O. Trading Cards #14: Don Vito Corleone! (August 18.)


“He had me at ‘bacon’……” -April on Maymo In 2016: Dog Bones For Everyone! (September 23.)


“Dear heavens. Koko’s a crazy cat lady.” -Kar on Koko And The Kittehs (October 14.)

“I swear he’s made out of brownies and I want him for dessert.” -djdecca on Kramer (October 15.)


“O-Tannen-Photo-Bomb.” -260Oakley on Headline THIS! (Impending Doom Edition) (December 8.)



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