Friday, October 30, 2015

Hey Dex, Save Some Seeds For The Rest Of Us!

IMG_20151025_002802MMMMM, cooked pumpkin seeds with a little salt and butter on there, am I right? Well, there won’t BE any after Dex is done!!

“I thought it may be worth a shot at sending this pic of our newest Russian dwarf ham, Dexter,” says Hayley J. “Dexter is a little shy at the moment, but here he is peeking out of his pumpkin house. I think he looks like a little tiny bat who forgot to put his wings on. And we’d be absolutely beside ourselves to see one of our hams (we have 6 in total) making an appearance. Keep up the good work. Your website is the saviour of our office; without it we would all go completely mad.”

The Cute Overload Halloween 2015 Celebrayshe continues

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